Shibuya Ward

Shibuya ward includes Shibuya, Harajuku, EbisuYoyogi, Sendagaya, Hatagaya and other districts. The Shibuya station (the area that everyone refers to as Shibuya) intersection is said to be the busiest in the world. You've seen the countless photos and videos shot here. This is one of the main transportation hubs in Tokyo and also has a comparison to New York City's Times Square. Shibuya is also known as the center for youth with all kinds of brands setting up shop. Lurk the backstreets away from the main station and you'll find limitless options of cool restaurants, clothing boutiques, record shops, bars and everything in between. We're especially fond of the Kamiyama/Tomigaya bleeding into Yoyogi-Uehara area. 


Meguro Ward

Meguro ward includes Meguro, NakameguroAobadai, Yutenji, Jiyugaoka, and other districts. Meguro is generally considered a residential area. But, the neighborhoods of Nakameguro, Aobadai, and Yutenji have become the next cool zone in recent times for independent boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. Find designers and artists frequent their regular coffee shops and eateries in this region.


Taito Ward

The northernmost ward is Taito Ward. Taito Ward includes Ueno, Ameyoko, Asakusa and Yanaka which also bleeds into Nezu and Sendagi. This area of Tokyo is considered "shitamachi" which technically translates to "lower city" or "downtown". But in Japanese the term points to "older" and "OG" areas and not of geographical meaning. Shitamachi areas have a complete different feeling compared to the financial centers in the major cities of Japan. You can find more local joints with people doing local things. A fair comparison would be the working class and immigrant neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn in New York


Setagaya Ward

Within Setagaya Ward are Sangenjaya, Shimokitazawa, Futako-Tamagawa and such. Shimokitazawa aka Shimokita aka Shimo is always mentioned for the independent vintage shops, thrift shops, antique shops, cult status coffee shops and thriving with youth cultures. Like Harajuku there are always foreigner fashion analysts lurking to swag jack the next fashion trend. This area is also often compared to Williamsburg, Brooklyn but we digress. Shimo and the surrounding areas are by far more interesting than the transplant infected Williamsburg that native New Yorkers would have no problem if it ceded.