have a good time

*have a good time has moved to their newer and larger location just a few steps away at:
1-4-18 Nakameguro

have a good time is a select clothing and culture shop in the heart of Nakameguro. It's your favorite in-the-know-cool-guy's favorite shop. No-BS street cred here because they don't care and instead create it. The world's most prolific graffiti writers, skaters from your favorite skate videos, bougie museum artists and douche-bag celebrities all have made this shop their hangout. The people surrounding the shop have helped shape this unique Tokyo institution. The shop offers selects from brands such as have a good time, HOMERUN, Cav Empt, bedlamMANKIND, BLOHM and other small Tokyo brands. Hard to get zines from around the world as well as small accessories and local independent music are always in stock. The interior is covered from corner to corner with all kinds of paraphernalia collected from across the world. It's a beautiful mess. It's one of those shops that are absolutely unique to Tokyo and must be visited to experience. Cop a tee or two as distribution is limited outside of Japan.


have a good time
1-2-14 Nakameguro, Meguro, Tokyo

Open Daily